WIBC 10 Talk

What is the WIBC 10 Talk?

WIBC 10 Talk is a 10 minute presentation, call it a Ted-talk style presentation on the WIBC stage. That’s it, you get 10 minutes to leverage your message. It could be your story, your message, your passion, but never is it a platform to sell. Give us an awe inspiring 10 minute message.

We started in 2014 and knew we were on to something but it wasn’t until 2016 when Mia St. Aubin, our official first WIBC 10 Talk, hit it out of the park, followed by the stellar performance of Manali Haridas in 2017.

10 minutes is a lot of time to make an impact and we want you to shine. Let us be your light.

Please fill out the information below to be considered.  We will be holding an open audition this year for you to give us a one minute pitch, after which the audience will vote.   We will be in touch with date and time.

Best of luck.

  • Pitch should include maximum 2 paragraphs on what you would like to speak about/address. Your what *why! And include any links to videos, social media to better evaluate. All submissions will be reviewed by the advisory board for a final decision. Only selected recipient will be contacted. Thank you for your submission. And remember, if it is not this year there is always next.