WIBC17 10 TALK Winner

Earlier this fall, we put out a call for submissions from speakers who have a key, impactful message they want to share with the 2017 WIBC attendees. “If you had ten minutes to shine, what would you say?” we asked. We received more than two dozen proposals from a wide range of impressive women.

The Advisory Board for WIBC met last week to carefully consider all of the submissions and to select a winner. We are delighted to announce that this year’s speaker for the WIBC 10 Talk is Manali Haridas!

Manali’s talk is entitled Taking Your Power Back – Saying ‘NO’ to Your Inner Negative Voice! Manali will share her story of coming to Canada as an immigrant twelve years ago, suffering a devastating accident in 2010 that turned her life upside down and how she managed to regain her power, come back to full fitness and create business success despite her negative inner voice that kept telling her to give up.

Manali will share the following tips with us:

  • How to listen to this inner voice
  • How to train our mind to delete these negative messages and focus on the positive ones
  • Daily routines we can all practice to get our power back and tap into our inner strength

This is a presentation not to be missed, particularly if you’ve ever dealt with a nasty, inner critic. We look forward to welcoming Manali to the stage at the WIBC 2017 conference!


Posted November 25, 2016 in: 2017 by WIBC