#WIBC2019 welcomes Dominique Souris

Featuring Guest Speaker

Dominique Souris

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Youth & Climate Action: How Millennials are Shaping the Future of Business

Climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century, and the issue for millennials. It is having a significant impact on the future of business and our everyday lives, which is why millennials and virtually everyone else are demanding action.

Our speaker, Dominique Souris, is an engaged activist and youth climate change advocate. She co-founded the Youth Climate Lab to support and encourage young people to become involved in climate initiatives. Through the Lab, she and others design projects that increase youth participation in climate policy processes, as well as action on the ground.

Dominique has advocated for change at the G7 Summit, UN climate negotiations, high schools and universities, travelling the world to highlight the implications of climate change and the urgent need to put things right. She insists our generation can no longer disregard the situation, but we can approach it with hope and recognition of the potential and opportunities.

Dominique and her compatriots are ready to engage and assist communities and businesses down the path to sustainability. She notes that her generation is demanding that employers be more sustainable, and employees prefer to work for an organization that supports and defends environmental issues. Climate change is also a competitive factor that can help involve and retain better talent.

It doesn’t matter who or what you believe, scientific facts are warning us about this very real issue. In the words of David Suzuki, “The gap between word and action is particularly different when it comes to climate change.”

Dominique invites us to think about a future with a clean economy and invites us to take action.  

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Posted February 25, 2019 in: 2019, Blog by WIBC