Holly Warner Gets The Balance Right with Diet and Lifestyle

Achieving and maintaining balance is at the core of everything the seventh annual Women in Business conference represents. And, as speaker Holly Warner will reveal, that balance in our lives begins with proper diet and lifestyle.

We’ve all heard that before, right? So why does pain, discomfort, disease and general unhealthiness pervade so many women’s lives?

As a Holistic Practitioner, Master Health Coach, Integrative Nutritionist, and Microbiome specialist, Holly Warner, CHHC, INHC, RNCP, RHN has the answers you’re looking for – including exactly what she does and what all those acronyms stand for!

So here, in beginning to shed light on ways to live healthier, is my Q& A session with Holly Warner:

Sandra Tisiot: What can attendees at the Women in Business Conference expect to take away from your talk?

Holly Warner: Attendees will come away with a better grasp of how diet and lifestyle can affect not only the disease you can avoid but also those hormones of yours you can’t avoid – and can lead to a slew of health issues.

They’ll learn how traditional medicine may not be enough to recognize early signs or underlying triggers associated with hormones.

There’ll be lots to discover and consider, such as:

  • why your thyroid issues may be misdiagnosed
  • the hashimoto epidemic
  • why diets aren’t working
  • bio-identical hormones versus synthetic hormones
  • how to recognize a specialist to help you get your hormones “tuned”
  • perimenopause is a real thing… and you may not even know you are suffering

Plus, you aren’t cranky – your hormones are.

 Sandra Tisiot: Where did your passion for your area of focus come from?

Holly Warner: I was tired of seeing more and more people given prescription medication when all they needed to do was identify the root cause and address it.

I was tired of those same people reaching out to the holistic field and being fed synthetic supplements that were not only as toxic as prescription medication but also, in most cases, were ineffective and unnecessary.

Through years of research I have finally found my way home, to the centre of it all: our microbiome… our gut. Our mental health, our hormones, our physical and autoimmune issues: they all stem from this one thing. There are so many factors to consider but this is a big one. I realized through being director of a prominent medical facility that there was more that could be done. People are confused by the overload of misinformation. Cancer is running rampant, as is autoimmune disease. I needed to find a better way to help.

Sandra Tisiot: What are a few of the highlights from your own career?

Holly Warner: I’ve spent the last decade researching and training with some of the top experts in nutrition, hormone balancing and now the microbiome.

I’ve been nominated for and won numerous health awards. My practice is spread out across North America – as are my results.

My approach to health is different: it’s drugless. I work with trusted specialists when the issue is out of my scope of practice. I also work with the physicians treating these patients to ensure better results and point out what they may have missed. My approach is about working together.

Health doesn’t need to be hard. I help those in need find their path, as it is different for everyone. Nutritional needs are different for each person, as are my coaching programs. I’ve helped numerous people across North America regain their health, energy, vitality, and sleep. I’ve helped them lose the constant brain fog and get back to loving life.

Many of my clients no longer have the autoimmune disease, the pain and fatigue they had for years – not through supplements but with diet and lifestyle changes.

One of my highlights was a woman who had been on over five different narcotic pain medications just to get out of bed. Within two months of being on my program, she was not only able to get off all the pain medications, but she was also back at work and starting to live life almost completely pain-free. After spending two years and thousands of dollars with specialists and traditional medicine, she had finally found her answers. These are the things that make it worthwhile.

Sandra Tisiot: Why do you think it’s important for women to come together to support one another in business?

Holly Warner: I believe that women are the answer. We need to start helping each other. We need to support each other in what is no longer a man’s world.

As women, we are wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and caregivers. We have the tough role of being everything at all times. On top of it all, we are CEOs, entrepreneurs and kick-ass women in business.

We take care of everyone else, but who is taking care of us? We need to take care of each other. This starts in business and carries through to our friendships.

Sandra Tisiot: Who would you most love to sit down with for a deep conversation?

Holly Warner: It’s funny how when I think of who I would like to most sit down with and have a conversation, I think Michelle Obama because she is doing so much for our school systems and the nutrition in them but she hasn’t quite got it right. I would love to sit down with her and start changing the world one school child’s lunch at a time.

Excellent, Holly! Lots of inspiring, thought-provoking information to chew on – so to speak.

Holly is just one of the eight inspiring speakers coming to the seventh annual Women in Business Conference, an event you can’t afford to miss.

So if you haven’t done so yet, register for the conference today. It starts bright and early on Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

There’s still time to register – but the window is closing. Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind conference that will definitely make your day… and just might change your life!


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