WIBC2018 ft. Jennifer Jane Clark

Everything in our universe is energy. Money is energy. Business is energy. Success is energy. Health is energy.  Thought is energy.  Happiness is energy.  Love is energy. 

Hermetic law says that energy cannot be destroyed; it only can be changed or transmuted. The Law of Attraction that business guru Napoleon Hill first wrote about in Think And Grow Rich says that what we focus on becomes reality. Jennifer Clark quickly became fascinated with the world of energy around her and how it created the results of her experience.

Having worked in the business community for 15 years, she could sense a flow or energy around successful people and knew that there was something more to creating opportunity and good luck.  As an avid student of the millionaire mind, she has actively studied successful people and their habits.  For the past 20 years, she has actively sought out the best in the world in the fields of energy, spirituality, coaching, empowerment, human potential, leadership, business, healing, conscious parenting and conscious communication to better understand life, the universe and everything.

As an accomplished practitioner of energy medicine,  Jennifer Clark’s work represents the perfect union of mind, body, spirit, emotions, finances and business marrying the esoteric and the concrete into harmonious union –  “as above, so below”.

Using ancient wisdom traditions, Jennifer Clark will guide you through a simple yet powerful transformation journey to Meet Your Future Self.  You will become the loving observer to see how exactly your Future Self became successful and overcame challenges.  In this sacred experience, Your Future Self will be able offer guidance, wisdom and support on how to get from here to “there”showing you how to live with passion and purpose today while sowing the seeds of tomorrow. 

Jennifer Clark is a graduate of The 8th Fire School of Shamanism and one of the world’s top Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors. She is a Psychological Health & Safety Advisor certified by the Mental Health Commission and a certified Risk Manager from the Sprott School of Business.  She is the former host of “Jen’s Zen” on Rogers 22 TV and “The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change” on CKCU FM radio. She helps children, teens, adults and professionals transform from the inside out.

Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Risk Manager, Assertiveness Coach, Life Strategist, Career Navigator, Creative Catalyst, Social Architect, TV Show Host, Amazon Best Selling Author, Dream Enabler, Game Changer, Evolving Human

Founder of The Ottawa Soul Sista’s Networking Group

“Helping you align & shine!”


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