Video Testimonials



This was the best conference EVER, everyone loved it and the speakers were really powerful and interesting.
Ima Ortega – OTTAWA


Just wanted to thank you again for organizing and hosting us at Ericsson for the conference. I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I heard from the ladies who attended. It was a great event, lots of powerful speakers, it provided an opportunity to meet women from different organizations and learn about their challenges in career, life. It Included a personal branding talk and was an event worth attending. In the tech sector, there are not a lot of opportunities for women to attend these sorts of events. It was excellent to have the opportunity to expose our employees to a completely different side of business and life.
Thea, Ericsson


You have come a long way my friend, this was a total class act, your opening speech – truly amazing, your introductions, jokes and of course your line-up of speakers and sponsors.

What a fabulous day! You deserve a medal and more. I have been to many conferences, you beat them all.
Elaine Nadeau


At this year’s Women in Business Conference, orchestrated by Sandra Tisiot, I had the privilege and pleasure of overseeing the Book Store. This is the third WIBC I’ve been involved with, the first two as an attendee and this year as a volunteer. Yet again, I was blown away by the quality and professionalism of the event. It just gets bigger and better, and I’m already looking forward to what Sandra’s cooking up for next year. Count me in!
Janis Weaver



This was my first year attending WIBC, as well as my first year volunteering at the event. I wanted to volunteer to get a firsthand glimpse, a mentoring, of how women who are driven to make a difference apply their unique talents to reach out and engage the community, with the sole focus of creating value and entertainment for participants. Let’s just say I got way more than I expected… a lot more; It was amazing!

As women, we are encouraged to find mentors and look to leaders who have followed their own path, in order to help us clarify ours. That’s why we attend these events. To buy books and reach out.

However, what most people don’t realize is the passion, effort and leadership that goes into making such a vision a reality. There was an exceptional line-up of speakers, an engaging host, and a great opportunity to expand your network. I saw Sandra, and by extension the Advisory Board, as well as class and compassion, and a willingness to step up as leaders in the community and deliver nothing less than an exceptional experience for all. 

If you’re looking for a sound bite, how about this: “Quality personified from inception to podium!”

Thank you so much for allowing me to bask in your light, Sandra.
Wendy A. Leask



Thanks again for another outstanding day at WIBC15 in March. There are always great takeaways from the speakers that resonate with me, and every year I am glad I attended. I will expect great things from you again next year.
Nancy MacCallum



I was so inspired by the Women in Business Conference, and enjoyed the great mix of speakers and attendees. I loved the practical information about online security by Melissa Hathaway, and Sandra Tisiot’s MY LIFE LOCKER hard copy workbook is the ideal way to manage my important info. And I loved Holly Warner, please have her back! 

I was inspired by all the authors. Peggy Blair had me on the edge of my seat; I almost keeled over! And, to my shock, Peggy McColl’s encouragement has lead me to finally put to paper the children’s book that I have had in my head for eight years or so. It’s now draft one, and being printed as I write this.

Oh yeah, Kate Davis was a GREAT way to end the day.
Juliann Whitney



I came to the Women in Business Conference a bit pre-occupied with work, and maybe a little skeptical. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the last two presenters.

Dr. Robert Setari’s presentation was probably not to everyone’s liking. He outlined a scientific paper—clearly, concisely and correctly—based on male/female interaction. I suspect it wasn’t necessarily his point of view, and somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’. I heard that some of the audience found his remarks misogynist/sexist. I, however, found them thoughtful and objective.

How clever to have Kate Davis closing. I laughed and laughed! The way she picked up on some of the day’s themes and made them humorous left us all in high spirits! The idea of ending with fun was great, and the first time I’ve seen it at such a conference.

Well Done!
Eleanor Cox



It was a wonderful experience, and many of my tablemates want to return. It was the first of this type of activity for two at the table, and they both plan on coming back!
Rose-Marie Keogh-Smyth



Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the day. My guests were equally enthralled.
It was inspiring, informative and fun. Congratulations on pulling it all together.

A great event, very inspiring!
Alan MacDonald



This year’s Women in Business Conference was of great value to me and my business. The speaker panel not only gave us inspiration, but also resources and information that we can actually apply in our daily lives. In addition, I truly appreciated Melissa Hathaway’s real life examples; demonstrating why we need to protect our virtual identity, and some great tools to help us do just that. I plan use her wisdom to add to the multi façade support I already offer my clients. Great job!
Jennifer Spallin


A day filled with insights, inspiration and laughter!  Cheers to you Sandra!
Kathy Brunelle



I wanted to let you know that yesterday was an “awesome day”; you totally outdid yourself. Everyone from Enbridge very much enjoyed the day, and found it very inspiring. It all went so smoothly, and you lead and spoke wonderfully. The speakers were so inspiring, motivating and honest, and I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Because of you, everyone in the room could take what they learned from these great speakers, and run with it. Thanks for a truly amazing day. You should be very proud of all your hard work pulling this event together. We are so grateful that you organized it.

Thanks for being you, you’re a wonderful friend and amazing lady!
Leah Stiles



Today was one well-spent at your conference. The first person I met told me that she had come every year since the inception, and that I was going to love it! She was right. The whole day was thought-provoking, very educational and often entertaining. I sat next to a naturopathic doctor, who has agreed to speak at the conference next year. Well planned, stimulating and very engaging.  Hat’s off to you!

Take a spa day!
Vicki Karpiak



Thank you so very much for inviting me to be a part of your phenomenal event. You put on (another) first class conference. I appreciate everything you do, who you are and your warmth and professionalism. You really do belong on stage, it’s so obvious.

Sending you waves of gratitude,
Peggy McColl



I think life would be much richer for all of us if we were taken out of our comfort zones more often. Thanks for risking your popularity to challenge us!
Linda Price-Bennett



“On March 5th I attended the 6th Annual Women in Business Conference and what an amazing day it was.  This was my second year of attending this event and I highly recommend that you don’t miss out next year.  Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Til Debt Do Us Part) was the keynote speaker and she didn’t disappoint.  Entertaining and educational, Gail inspired many of us to really take control of our money and I’ll be participating in her (free) program at www.MyMoneyMyChoice.com. Dr. Joey Shulman was also uplifting and motivational around the topic of health and weight loss and I stopped on the way home to purchase one of her books. Mid-life menopause belly be gone!

The Centurion Centre and Starfish Event Management did an outstanding job and, of course, Sandra Tisiot, the creator of this amazing event, pulled it all together wonderfully. I can’t wait to find out who next year’s speakers will be!”
Janis Weaver
Personal Touch Home Cleaning



“Had a fantastic time at the WomenInBusiness Conference yesterday. The event was fun, informative and very moving, as three fabulous women gave speeches. I highly recommend going next year to anyone who missed his or her chance. Thanks to all the great ladies who visited my Fifth Avenue Collection booth. And many thanks to Sandra Tisiot, the founder and producer, and Samantha Moonsammy, the event manager, for their hard work creating this fantastic event.”
Barbara Grant
Fifth Avenue Collection


“Well Done! Your event was a HUGE success and I’m proud of you for making it happen and for taking the risk to venture out on your own.”
Jacqueline Hunter, CLU, CHS – Financial Advisor/Owner
The Co-operators



Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the invitation and opportunity to attend the conference. The room had an incredible energy about it, the speakers were extremely interesting, and I am so impressed with your professionalism and coordination.
Thanks again,
Mentor Program, The Royal



Your energy and gracious aptitude toward us all, was a privilege and validation that we all matter. It is women like you that inspire all of us to do our best. After all is said and done, “stuff leads to stuff”, and it did for me. Thank you!!!!
Kind regards,
Maryetta – OTTAWA



Sandra, you are a consummate professional and did a terrific job, at every level, at each step. Thank you for being one of the highlights of the day. And your posture is amazing!
Eileen – OTTAWA



“The event was outstanding! So happy to be a part of such a great day!”

Gita Cartwright
Genworth Canada



“The day was great- we really enjoyed it!”
Jen Wright – OTTAWA



“It was an awesome event and Scotiabank was well represented.
All the girls had a great time.”
Gail Ouellette
Home Financing Advisor


“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Thank you for a super fabulous day! You and your team did a fantastic job; I really enjoyed myself. You should feel so proud! Great job!”
Kathie Donovan
Author, Public Speaker



“I attended the Women in Business and Finance Conference for the first time this year, and was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionals attending as well as the speakers at the conference.   Speakers were captivating and to the point with valuable nuggets of advice that I’m still reviewing and putting into practice daily.   Also appreciated the opportunities for networking and reconnecting with key contacts. Thank you Sandra for this professional boost that is just what was needed during this long winter we’ve been having… Count me in for next year’s conference.”

Caroline Hannah,
Senior Relationship Manager, Telfer School of Management.



“As a first time participant at the Women in Business Conference, I was impressed with the array of topics presented. To start the day by giving back and realizing how privileged we truly are, we were invited to donate gently used business clothing to a not for profit organization, My First Suit. Amidst an endless array of pastries and caffeine, we were welcomed and thanked for our attendance and introduced to the incredible people who made the event a reality and kept all presentations on track, as there was so much each person brought to the day we could have easily made a weekend of the event.

The first guest speaker is a Cosmetic Surgeon who expounded on the importance of inner beauty and stressed that variety and self-expression equal beauty, not conformity. A nutritionist followed who is more interested in the psychology of eating and reprogramming habits to create a lifetime of health and happiness than in selling a magic powder or Next Best Thing in losing weight while eating donuts and not exercising. The event closed with two hours of my favorite financial Guru who provides down to earth, common sense instructions on personal and business finance delivered with a swift kick.

This conference is fresh, invigorating and motivating. The gift bag given to all participants, as well as the raffle prizes were generous, relevant and useful. The organizers as well as the presenters are all down to earth and approachable, making the VIP session a must attend. A wonderful day! Thank you, Sandra, for your efforts in continuing this event in Ottawa.”

RoseMarie Keogh-Smyth