Why we do it!

As women, we are continually required to juggle many aspects of our lives; it’s just what we do, right? But how do we keep it all in balance? Well, at the Women In Business Conference (WIBC) in Ottawa on March 11, 2015, we’ll explore some great ways to help you achieve and maintain that balance in your life. It’s all about taking a day for yourself, to assess, stabilize and re-energize. A time for information, networking and fun and, more importantly, a chance to let go and unwind.

You never know when you might hear something that will change your life; words that lead you to find balance, make a change, or simply reconnect to your desire to do more, regardless how important or seemingly trivial. I’ve seen it happen often, and it’s happened to me.

What’s more, it’s a feel good day, an opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues, to laugh and share. It’s also a day to reflect on and enhance your professional and personal development.

I’ve been asked why I do it, why I devote the time and energy to make it happen. It’s simple really. Putting on this event, stressful though it can be, brings me joy. When I see everyone smiling and laughing, sharing, learning, growing and having those “aha” moments, I know I’m helping and doing something that is right. Every year I’ve been able to bring new, different and exciting speakers to the stage, to ensure you have a “best day ever” experience.

After each gathering I wonder if I can do it again, put in all the effort. I do have moments of doubt. Then, when I chat with the first speaker, I get excited all over again. Every year there’s someone and something new and exciting, and before I know it I’m happily hooked. Most of all, the laughter, fun and interplay between everyone is the best encouragement to soldier on.

Fortunately, there have always been people willing to help me. And for the first time, this year I have a small advisory board. I am so grateful for their help.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and for taking a day just for you.


Posted January 07, 2015 in: 2015 by WIBC