WIBC 16 is pleased to welcome Mia St-Aubin!

OK, hands up if you love dieting! What, no hands? Why not? Don’t you love a good diet?

There’s the rub: they’re no fun at all are they and they don’t work. In fact, Mia St-Aubin, one of the speakers at the upcoming WIBC 2016 conference, suggests that diets are a great way to strip the fun and health right out of your life. “We as women all need to stop dieting and hurting our bodies in the hope of becoming healthy and skinny,” says Mia.

So what is the answer? According to Mia, it boils down to listening to our bodies and addressing all areas of health rather than pushing harder at workouts and diets that aren’t working.

“In my career I have watched countless women a) shy away from fitness altogether out of fear that it would be too challenging or too much to take on; and b) struggle and hurt their bodies in attempt to improve their health.”

It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult or even overwhelming. Join us at the upcoming WIBC 2016 conference to hear Mia present 5 action steps to make fitness and fat loss simple while eliminating fad diets. These are simple take-away action steps that you can use right away to take control of your health and run your life through fitness.

Why should you listen to Mia? In a blog post entitled From Whom Should You Take Advice? I argued that the only people worth listening to are those who have been there, done that and achieved results. In other words, take advice only from people who walk the talk. In Mia’s case, she has run the talk so to speak:

  • She has graced the cover of an international fitness magazine
  • She founded the Parliament Hill Boot Camp
  • She has spoken on stage to groups of 20,000 people
  • She has competed on the Canadian Para-National team as a guide runner for a blind athlete

In other words, this is one lady worth listening to. I hope to see you there.

Doris Belland
Member, WIBC 2016 Advisory Board

Posted February 20, 2016 in: 2016 by WIBC