WIBC17 Welcomes Angella Goran

Entrepreneur. Leader. Motivator. Athlete. Ambassador. There are so many ways we could introduce the incredibly multi-talented Angella Goran but simply put: this girl is on fire! We are so proud to welcome Angella to the Women in Business Conference in March as one of our talented guest speakers.

Angella has spent 15 years dedicated to training and participating in athletics, from amateur to elite levels of rowing, triathlons and currently – cycling. The method to her madness can only be described as pure passion! It is passion that led her to the development and visualization of multiple businesses, all revolving around helping others reach their goals and achieve a balance in health and wellness.

Some of her accomplishments include the founding of her company, SokJok and Champion a Campaign – a program that allows youth to use the sale of SokJok sporting socks as a sustainable leadership tool to support youth programs in schools, teams and organizations in the pillars of community, arts, sports and academics.

We can’t wait to hear from Angella on living life on PURPOSE: her Y formula and reclaiming your “Y” in YOURSELF.

To learn more about Angella’s company SokJok, visit sokjok.ca.

Posted January 28, 2017 in: 2017 by WIBC