WIBC17 Welcomes Judy Croon

For the past few years, WIBC has ended the day with a comedian, and, without fail, these presentations have been one of the highlights of the day. This year is no different.

We have the pleasure of welcoming Judy Croon to the stage to cap off WIBC 2017. Judy isn’t just a successful and accomplished comedian – she’s worked with big names like Jon Stewart, Joan Rivers, Lewis Black and Robert Klein, and her features have appeared on most of the major networks – she’s also a motivational speaker and a stand-up coach.

On the stage, Judy draws from her performance experience, wit, and insight to entertain, inform and inspire in her dynamic keynotes and half day workshops. Judy’s keynote/workshops clients have included; Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ceridian HR and Payroll Partner, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario and Ontario Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.

She is a co-author of the book ‘From the Stage to the Page: Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies!’ and can be heard every day at 5pm on LTD Radio – The Power of Positive. Judy is a registered member of the ACTRA.

On March 8th, Judy will teach us all how to relieve work-related stress with humour. If you have people in your business or in your office who make you think uncomplimentary thoughts, and who test the limit of your sanity, then this is the presentation for you! Let Judy show you how to diffuse the stress with some well-timed laughs. Even if your workplace is terrific, chances are there’s someone in your life who makes you rant.

So join us for some great laughs, courtesy of Judy, and a few ideas on how to use humour to your benefit.

Posted February 05, 2017 in: 2017 by WIBC