WIBC17 Welcomes Solange Tuyishime

Have you ever experienced a moment where you’ve been tempted to quit – a goal, a project, a job – because it all seemed to be too much? You weren’t sure how you were going to get through it? A time where you felt that circumstances were stacked against you? Then you won’t want to miss Solange Tuyishime, one of the speakers at the WIBC 2017.

Solange experienced the loss of her whole world when, as a young girl, she fled war and genocide in East Africa, only to become a refugee. She had to overcome countless challenges in order to simply survive.

But she didn’t just survive; she used those experiences as stepping stones to build a life of success, meaning and contribution as a UNICEF Ambassador.

Solange continues to apply the same three principals that helped her through many moments of difficulty: turn wounds to wisdom; value every opportunity; and become a leader in making this world a better place.

Join us on March 8th to hear how to turn your struggles to strength.

Posted February 05, 2017 in: 2017 by WIBC